ADM-F-04 Travel PLAN Procedures (e)

This section will help you filling up the Travel Plan.

How to fill the travel plan Modifier

Purpose: This form is important to document local and international travel authorization and to support travel claims for meals upon return from travel.

Form description:
The form comes in 4 copies in color codes of white, yellow, green and blue.
Distribution of copies shall be:
White - to Admin Assistant for recording in the Travel Claim Worksheet and forentering in/updating the staff locator board.
Yellow - to the UM of the traveling staff to be filed in the Unit's Travel Plan & Claimfile for reference at anytime about the location of the staff in travel.
Green - copy for the requesting staff (traveler), this is also to be used and to be knownas the "Proof of Travel". This is called such because this is where the personor persons the staff worked with during travel is/are to sign, this is a major consideration in the approval of claims that this should be completed at all times. This copy is submitted to the Admin-Assistant upon completion of the claim process.
Blue – remains in the booklet for the file of the complete travel and for future reference.

Form Fill-out:
1. Name of staff/s : This is where the initial of the staff to travel or in case of group travel, initials of all the members of the group is/are entered.
2. Unit : Unit the staff belongs to, the unit of the team leader or the unit taking the lead in this particular travel.
3. Date : Date request is made
4. Departure/Return : Indicate in these lines the period of travel and estimated time.
5. Activity Code (T8) : Indicate here the specific activity it falls under the category above.
6. Fund Source (T4) : Indicate here the source of fund to cover the cost of the activity.
7. Account Code : This should show the specific account number to be used to record the expense.
8. Int'l Per Diem Rate : This should show the approved per diem rate for international travel
9. Destination/Purpose Information on travel destination and purpose of travel are needed in this section. Several lines are provided in case of travel to more than one destinations. Destinations does not include transit points.
10. Mode of Transport : This section should show details on the means of transport to be used for the travel whether by:
• Air
• Public
11. Travel Plan Signature Section : This section should be completed with required signatures from request to travel or authorization of travel.
12. Admin-assistant Initials Line : Admin-assistant affixes his/her signature on this line as proof that the completed travel plan is submitted to the to the admin-assistant for entry to the travel claim worksheet for local travels only. Travel claim worksheet is the record of all travel claims and this is prepared by the admin-assistant and submitted to finance for orderly and timely issue of claim payments to staff at the end of the month. Appropriate copy of travel plan for international travel is submitted to finance as attachment to a travel advance.

Once you provided all the informations you can start collecting the signatures needed. Modifier

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